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Let your customers create thousands of t-shirt stores...and you fulfill the orders.

Apex Online Designers is the leading source for the DecoNetwork online garment design software. The software is “Sold As a Service” meaning it is delivered to you across the internet. With the software, you can build a complete website, or integrate the online t-shirt designer features into your existing website.

DecoNetwork online t-shirt design software is commonly used by textile screen printers and embroidery shops around the world. With the advent of Direct to Garment digital printing, an online designer website can effeciently take an order for any quantity... even for 1-shirt.

DecoNetwork.comOnline Designer Preview

Your Shop's Website:

Serve your customers 24/7 by giving them an online tool to customize template-driven graphics that only your talented graphic artists can create. The online tool becomes a more efficient way of serving your customers better than you ever have.

Company Stores:

Think of the potential of offering each of your key customers their own custom branded and styled “company store” website. You can choose to share a portion of each sale with the company as a fundraiser, or keep all the proceeds for your business.

Artist Affiliate Sites:

Mass market to any graphic artist so they can design their own website and your company will produce and fulfill the order for them.


An online designer website also allows you to better serve your current customers with 24-hour access to ideas and artwork templates that they can customize online and submit their orders more efficiently. The automated sales process eliminates the need for your graphic artist going back-and-forth with design drafts for a more efficient buying process. DecoNetwork not only helps you to save time, but it also reduces errors by showing your customers exactly what the job will look like, and then guiding them through a process to confirm the order.

The DecoNetwork software also allows you to offer your customers their own custom-branded websites, and if you want, even allow them to share in the sales revenue.

Apex Online Designers is proud to be a key distributor of the DecoNetwork software by Wilcom, a leader in software solutions for the apparel decoration industry. The software is Powered by PikiCentral, an innovative team of web 2.0 developers. Apex Online Designers has been teamed-up with PikiCentral since its very early days, and is now proud to be the customer forefront of an even stronger partnership with Wilcom and PikiCentral.






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